Thursday, May 13, 2010

Green Turtle

Wow, what a change to be back in a marina again.  We're at Green Turtle Club.

It will be nice for a couple of nights to be plugged in.  We'll check the weather and see what chance we have of making it through the hub via Don't Rock Passage.  One boat just bottomed there in some troughs between swells and did a number on their props.  But at less than 2 feet of draft, I think we'll be fine.


  1. Good places to anchor and dink around Green Turtle. To the South and North. Nunjack/Manjack to the North and NoName to the South. Outside NoName there is quite a bit of good reef action if you can get the dink over there on a calm day you will enjoy it.
    Wind out of the South and SLACK TIDE for the Whale and has yet to let us down going outside. It always looked calmer at Don't Rock. Elbow, Pete's Pub and Marsh Harbour wait. Don't forget the Jib Room (Boat U.S. discount) for Wednesday and Friday.
    Reef Bar at Hopetown. Walk from there down to Sea Spray with a short walk on the road around the house on the point. You'll know when you get there.
    Abaco Inn for Happy hour, good bar snacks!

  2. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the Spot.

    You guys will not get bored with all the side trips and information Dan has! Still traveling with Pusser's aboard?

    Tom & Connie

  3. Sorry guys, we've been at Treasure Cay for a few days and my laptop refuses to connect to their WiFi. But the Verizon phone works and I've resorted to using that to update the blog tonight.

    Tom - I can't fund Pusser's here, but Myer's is pretty cheap at $15 for a 1L bottle.

    Dan - We'll see what of that informative list we can make. Treasure is one of our favorite places in the Abacos for all the conveniences and that incredible beach. And at $75/night, it's really not that bad when one is on vacation. As for the crossing, we blew by a bigger Endeavour catamaran who was heading out the Whale. We don't know what he was thinking. It was blowing a good 20 knots from the east and even the Don't Rock was rockin' a bit from the Atlantic Rollers (but we held 15-16 knots through it). He could have easily made it as I've always found near 6 feet below us there at high tide.