Monday, May 31, 2010

The way home.

It's been a few days since we posted as we've been pretty busy. We're in Fort Pierce, Florida now. The boat gets loaded on the upgraded trailer (we went from 2 axles to 3) tomorrow at 1pm EDT. We had a wonderful send off from Green Turtle by "Oreo, the 3 legged dog" as well as a great day at the beach.

It appears it's his beach, ALL of it!

We then spent a night at Great Sale at anchor. The first calm night there in our last 3 stops. I was looking forward to the fantastic view of the stars, but it was a full moon, so I couldn't see a darn thing!  But the Sunrise was nice.

We then had the idea to try to head directly home via Memory Rock. All was well until we left the bank and were met with HUGE swells. We turned around and went 20 miles to Old Bahama Bay at West End.  Storms were all over the place by then, and the holding for anchoring in that area is poor.  We wanted a slip.  It was Memorial Day weekend and there was a 4 night minimum.  Thankfully, the dock hand working the fuel dock remembered us from previous trips and took pity.  They were booked full (I've never seen the place full before), but had a cancellation for a 60' slip.  So they put us and our 30' boat in it along with a 29' boat.  Hey, what works, works.  And the folks on the other boat were very darn nice.

The weather forecast called for 2-foot sees with a slight SE swell, so we took off the next morning (Sunday, 5/30).  Why do weather people lie so much?  There was certainly a 2-foot chop, but that was on top of a good 4-foot swell!  It was 4 hours of UP, and DOWN, UP, and DOWN.  10 knots up, 20 knots down.  But the boat did well.  We never pounded and we passed some much larger boats.  I have no complaints on the ride except it's always annoying to go "uphill" in a boat!  As we approached Florida at St. Lucie Inlet, I was wondering where all the holiday traffic was.  There were no boats anywhere.  Then I got it; it was too rough to boat!  Oh well, when the ICW has chop, and you're happy to be in it, life is good!

We'll try and post some more in the next few days, but tomorrow starts the trip home and the very LONG drive.  So please excuse us if it takes a while.


  1. Wow. That's certainly more than we would want to handle. I had seen the spot data and knew you had made it. Also saw the about face and figured it was bad.
    There certainly is some truth to the remarks a looper left us with. "Everytime I tried to keep a schedule I got spanked by the weather".
    No arguments there and glad to hear you are safe.

  2. The about face was fun. It was great on the bank, but horrible right off of it. Added to that were numerous storms (thanks to XM Weather for that information) and only having 1/2 tanks of fuel after topping off at Spanish. Granted, after filling up at West End, the boat has just less than 3/4 tanks after the cross, but that would be cutting it too close without being full in my book.

    At least it was a following sea!