Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Florida Keys

I'm sure this trip has been a bit less exciting for some of you to read about compared to our others, but we've been relaxing and that's what vacation is supposed to be about, right?  We've enjoyed the Miami area and were even able to meet up with some business-related friends of mine who live in the area.  We're at the halfway point time-wise and have to make a decision.  The weather is finally starting to behave like June in Florida instead of like March (while it's been near 100 in the Mid-Atlantic, it's only been in the mid 80's here with 50-60% humidity).  The winds are calming and losing their northerly component (it's never a good idea to cross the Gulf Stream in a north wind).  Since it will take another day or two for the Gulf Stream to settle, and the only destination in the Bahamas that would make sense time-wise is Bimini, we're going to head into the Florida Keys instead for some snorkeling.  Hopefully we'll soon have plenty of underwater photos to post.


  1. Hi Guys, A little downtime sounds good to me. I did read the article on the GS crossing and appreciate the mix of weather conditions and currents better.

    Noticed that you were on the move this morning.
    Sounds like a good plan, the Keys and snorkeling!

    Tom & Connie
    Cat's Away #20

  2. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!