Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer 2009 - Back on the Chesapeake Bay

After about a week out of the water, Deuce has a fresh coat of bottom paint and is back in her slip at Maryland Yacht Club. We survived the Abacos pretty well. The only repairs needed were a new air conditioner water pump (thankfully it gave out on our final night) and I've still got to get the refrigerator running (again, thankfully we had a back up). Minor stuff considering all the things that can go wrong on a boat. The next project will be playing with some different prop sizes. We had been using composite 4-blade props for the past few years with mixed results. Cruise speeds were down to 15-16 and I was getting tired of replacing blades when they broke. Early in May, at our first night at anchor at Great Sale Cay, I put the original 3-blade Honda props back on. Surprisingly we got back up to 17+ knots at about 4,900rpm. After a few calls to some dealers and Honda directly I've found I should get my WOT (wide open throttle) up closer to 6,000rpm and Honda approves extended cruise speeds anywhere below this redline. So I dropped from 13 pitch to 12 and will see what happens this weekend. It looks like we'll join our club on a short cruise to Langford Bay near Rock Hall, MD.

It's a real let-down to have a vacation end, but at least when we get home we've got the entire Chesapeake to cruise all Summer and well into the Fall. If I couldn't come home to that I think I'd have to go on some sort of anti-depressant medication!