Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Projects

We ended up getting our original props reconditioned to the tune of around $50 each.  It seems that for this particular MC30 and Honda 50hp outboards, 11-1/4" by 13-pitch seem to be the best match.  I've got some composite ProPulse props as spares, but might lay out $120 for a new Honda matching prop before the next big cruise.  A big thanks to the nice folks at  Piranha Propellers for their help even though we didn't end up buying anything from them...this time around.

Back to the subject of this post.  One of my many Fall projects has been nearly completed:  replacing our Type I MSD (Marine Sanitation Device).  We've had an Electro Scan (formerly known as the Lectra/San) installed for years, but have had issues.   It appears our home waters have something in them that makes us go through electrode packs ($250 each) about every 12-18 months (these normally last 5-8 years).  There's also the annoyance of having to carry 40lbs bags of salt when boating anywhere but in true ocean salinity waters.  Thus, I just removed the Electro Scan (formerly known as the Lectra/San) and replaced it with a Purasan, from the same company.  The Purasan doesn't have electrodes and doesn't sanitize by using a large amount of 12v DC power to convert salt to chlorine.  Instead, the unit uses less than 5 amps and a cartridge containing sanitizing tablets to perform the same function.  Thus, much less maintenance, no salt to carry, much less draw on the batteries, and as a bonus, removal of the salt feed tank actually brought the waterline up by a good inch!

On to the next task: removing the vinyl "stripes" around the cabin ports...

Oh, does anybody want to buy a used Electro Scan system?