Monday, December 21, 2009

December - Record Snowfall

I believe we set a new record in Maryland for the greatest 1-day snowfall in the month of December.  Whatever.  All I know if that after dealing with almost 2 feet of the stuff at the house all weekend, it was off to the office to do it all over again Monday morning.  And then to the boat to do it yet again Monday afternoon.  The snow was on Saturday, 12/19/09.  On Sunday 12/20, a friend went to check on the boats and sent me these some shots of the docks and my boat (thanks Tommy):

Somebody, at least, got part of the pier open.


But my finger pier is going to take some work.

It's a good thing I've got braces under the enclosure for support.


I am so not looking forward to this.

 There wasn't much I could do on Sunday.  I had a bad feeling when I pulled up the the entrance at the club/marina of how things were going to look.


Here's what the bow looked like on Monday after I got the finger pier cleared enough to walk on.


From what I gather, the wind was blowing the snow from behind the boat.  Thus the enclosure acted as a vacuum to build the snow up on the bow.

After about 2 hours worth of work, we're back to normal with no damage done.


Oh well, such is winter.  At least it'll be a decent ski season.  Merry Christmas everyone!