Monday, May 30, 2011

Fort Pierce, Florida

Wow, what a trip.  The truck and trailer did fine and traffic was quite light the entire way.  We slept for 5 hours with the truckers and campers last night and finished the trip today.  The boat is on the trailer awaiting launch tomorrow.  Thus, we are at a hotel for the evening.  The inlet our room overlooks is quite busy with holiday boat traffic, as well as a huge offshore storm that's coming in.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The annual trip starts, sort of...

The good news:  We're officially on vacation and starting our trip.

The bad news:  We're stuck in Pasadena, MD for the moment.

Issue #1:  On the way to the boat and to move the trailer yesterday, our truck had an issue.  The engine cut out for a second at highway speed.  When I pulled up the DTC on the computer, it pointed to a well known issue with a wiring harness that goes through the valve cover and connects to the injectors.  It might just be a small issue, but it's very hard to diagnose when it's not chronic and only occurring every so often.  Thus, the solution is to replace the entire system, which comes as a kit.  But this was at 4pm on a Friday night.  Thankfully, I've got friends and one of them is working on it this Saturday morning to get it back to us later today.  A big "THANK YOU" to Scott and Jeff at Challenger Auto & Truck.  As Jeff was giving me a ride back to the boat last night he asked:  "how did you get Scott to come in on a Saturday?"  The answer is simple:  "He's a boater!".

Issue #2:  The marina that was going to haul us out and load us on our trailer this morning is too backed up to handle us.  However, they can do it at 8am tomorrow morning.  Our original plan was to be on the road by late morning tomorrow anyway, so this is just a matter of juggling a few things.

A trip of this magnitude doesn't like to come off flawless I suppose.  Heck, if this is the worst of it, I'll be thankful.

Update:  It's 11am Saturday morning.  The auto shop just called.  They're finished and on their way to deliver my truck to me.  AWESOME!  Thanks again to Jeff and Scott.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Solar panel

I think I forgot to post the new solar panel.  It is a 230 watt panel with a maximum output of around 19 amps.  This, along with 300 amp hours of batteries, should keep generator usage to a minimum I hope.

Finishing touches

Today I added about an inch of extra insulation to the 3 sides of the icebox I can get to.  Fortunately those are the same 3 sides the evaporator is now against, so that should help.  I also double insulated the high and low-side lines to and from the compressor to the box.  Then I finally finished the installation of a fresh water tank monitor as well as relocated and recessed the watermaker on/off switch.  The only thing left is taking down all the canvas and actually getting to Florida.

Below is the watermaker switch and tank gauge.  Both are locate just below the forward berth.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The new line locker

I still have some finishing work to do but this is fully functional.  Newer models have the option of a built-in cooler in this space, but we have enough refrigeration.  Line storage, however, was scarce.