Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Moving Up...

While we have no plans to get rid of our beloved power cat we do have a second boat in the works now.  Her name is "Pineapple" and she's a 1976 Gulfstar twin diesel "trawler".

Updated forward hatch to include a Lewmar instead of solid fiberglass (it was a "cave" in there):

Old aft windows were in bad shape:

Replaced with custom windows:

Manual windlass replaced with Quick 12v windlass and a new teak pulpit (the original was rotted mahogany):

Windlass wiring in progress (it will be boxed in w/ teak):

The galley is coming together too.  Here's the custom teak microwave shelf:

Second 30-amp circuit required a secondary breaker panel:

Original 12v bilge pumps replaced and 2 manual backup pumps installed:

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